This is when traffic or a lead become a customer. If someone followed the links through to the site and made a purchase this would be a lead converting in to a customer.

Online Hub

This is a list of industry specific companies that all provide a similar service or products.


This is a search engine. When you type keywords in to it you want your website to be on the first page.

High ranking/page rank

This is how high up a website is in the google search.


A lead is someone who is either interested in your company or shares an interest in your company’s category and is looking at your site.

Lead Generating Marketing

This is a way of gathering traffic/leads that are interested in your market and ensuring they make their way to your site.

Link Strategy/Link Building

This is actually a frequently used SEO tactic. Which involves links coming from quality and high ranking websites to increase your online presence (also known as page rank).


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is done to make sure web pages rank high when a search engine is used with specific keywords.


Traffic is the term used for people looking at a website.

Website Leasing

This is where you lease a website from another company. So you do not own the website, you are just renting it for your products but the content, display, domain name and SEO are all done for you.


WordPress is an easy to use software. It’s the software we use for all of our websites.


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