Lead Generating Marketing

Lead Generating Marketing is the process of advertising your website on one of our high-ranking web pages that is specific to your company’s industry. The purpose of this is to increase traffic flow through to your website from our webpage. As our sites are industry-specific you know that the traffic generated has an interest in the product/service and is therefore more likely to make a purchase. This is about more than just being seen, it’s about being seen by the right people. We offer two forms of Lead Generation Marketing.

The first is known as being a profile advertiser. As a profile advertiser, after your free trial period, you will have set fee where you pay to advertise on a large online hub. The hub website will be owned by us and will be fully designed, optimised and monitored by us. We have a range of online hub websites in a range of different industries to attract the right people/potential customers to your site. You will have the opportunity to write your own content which we will then proofread before publishing it on the website. Your profile will contain a link that will take people directly to your site.

The second option would be making you the sole advertiser on one of our high-ranking websites as well as placing an advert placed on all relevant industry websites we own. As a sole advertiser, your company will be prominently featured throughout the webpage. The page will be information based, as a general industry website, but for a monthly fee will include a link directly to your online store and will be seen by people as  one of your websites, this means you can market it along with your original website if you wish. The website is owned by us so the SEO, design and content is already taken care of. The content may be slightly adjusted in accordance with your original website.

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Profile Advertiser