Website Leasing

Do you want your business online but not sure where to start? Is it a trial and you don’t want to be tied to a contract or have to pay high upfront costs? This is where leasing a website will be a huge benefit for you.

The internet is a huge spectrum of, well everything, so it can be intimidating when you’re thinking of venturing your business out in to the world wide web. How do you know people will even see your website?  What if you don’t have the time or money to invest in SEO/Design/Content? When you lease a website with us this will be done for you with no hidden costs just your agreed starter fee and monthly payment.

If you lease a website from us you will get:

  • a fully optmised, high-ranking website
  • a designed website in line with your brand
  • the choice between us writing the content or you can
  • an easy to use WordPress site
  • no cancellation fee
  • 30 day contract


For more information or to get started please get in touch.

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