Back Story

“I bought my first computer in 2003 when I was 17, on a  family members credit card.  I had no use for one, but I was sure I was going to make my fortune.  I remember reading a article somewhere about trading in domain names, two months later, i paid off that credit card, I was hooked.

“For the next 3 years I was full time trading in domains and other digital ventures.  When I was 20 I started some offline businesses which took my focus else where, whilst still doing digital trading sporadically over the next 10 years,  my energy was  elsewhere” 

“In 2015, when I was 30 I came back to it on a more regular basis, part time just more regular because it was my first real success & I love doing deals & the thrill to watch domains I once owned come to life”

“Shortly after this I decided to put a name to my online ventures & wolf and kettle was formed”

Matthew Founder of Wolf And Kettle.    


Mid Story

We're not 'techy' type people with no compassion and understanding of you and your business. We strive towards building strong and lasting relationships which in turn will see us better equipped to serve you with a deep understanding of your core values.


After many years of working in  business on & offline. I am self taught and qualified in the following areas. Which  I can bring to you and your brand / business. Business Strategy, Leadership & Management, Digital Economy, Marketing, Renewable Energy, Opportunities in Sustainability, Macroeconomics, Supply Chain Management, Design Thinking, SEO, Sales & Negotiation, Environmental Science, Finance and Business Fundamentals. 


I have started from the ground up & understand the importance of online presence in offline & online companies. I have grown startups from zero to multi million pound companies.  I am on the board of 25+ businesses and a share holder in over hundred.